Insulin@100 - Discovery - Transformation - Legacy



Insulin@100: Discovery - Transformation - Legacy

Teilen The story of insulin is one of progress, and the life-saving spirit of human achievement. We at Sanofi are immensely proud of our contribution to the pioneering power behind this success over the past 100 years, and we are delighted to invite you to view a video on demand of our recent celebration of this century of discovery and innovation.

Throughout the webinar ‘INSULIN@100: Discovery. Transformation. Legacy’ a panel of leading figures in the global diabetes community came together to reflect upon the life-changing significance of past, present, and future diabetes developments.

As we reached this 100-year historical milestone, we wished to honor our diabetes pioneers and the ongoing power of progress. We reflected on the principles that have undergirded the key discoveries of the last century. We considered the remarkable ways in which the lives of people with diabetes have been transformed by innovations in insulin treatment. And we looked forward to the future and marveled at how we are continuing to break new ground with this vital medicine.

Head to the Video on Demand

Alan Divanovic (Sanofi)
Joachim Burschaepers (Sanofi)

Julio Rosenstock (TX, USA)
Hertzel C. Gerstein (ON, Canada)
Richard M. Bergenstal (MN, USA)
Jay Skyler (FL, USA)
Alice Y.Y. Cheng (ON, Canada)
Chantal Mathieu (Belgium)
Meera Luthra (ON, Canada)


Please find the agenda attached here

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